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Episode 023


Premiering 10/8/2019

More than just our audience is listening in on this episode as we talk about films featuring surveillance teams! That's right, the phones are tapped and the mics are hot as we talk about, the classic Francis Ford Coppola paranoid thriller, THE CONVERSATION! We then lighten the mood with a look at SNEAKERS. We marvel at the acting talents of Gene Hackman and Robert Redford. We also talk about how SNEAKERS drew surprising inspiration from Coppola's film and a lot more!

Episode 024


Premiering 10/22/2019

John Cusack. He's a video store mainstay and an icon to us here at the show. So, on this episode we are giving him a spotlight as we look at the beloved 80's teen farce, BETTER OFF DEAD and the late 90's oddity PUSHING TIN - both featuring Mr. Cusack in the lead role. Let's get this plane landed and that two dollars collected! What does all that mean? Listen in and find out!

Episode 025


Premiering 11/05/2019

We are questioning reality as we look at two action-packed sci-fi films based on the work of author Philip K. Dick! We are talking about the Spielberg-directed MINORITY REPORT (starring Tom Cruise) and the original TOTAL RECALL (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger)! We discuss the simple joys of action films mixed with heady sci-fi ideas and much more! See you at the party!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Comedies (TWINS & KINDERGARTEN COP)

Premiering 11/19/2019

We had so much fun talking about Arnold on the last episode that we are doing a double feature on the big guy's comedic work with a look at TWINS and KINDERGARTEN COP! Is funny Arnold as awesome as action Arnold? Should Danny DeVito be in everything? Is it a tumor? Tune in and find out!

Episode 026

End of Season 1 Retrospective

Premiering 12/3/2019

We've reached the end of our first season of episodes! Wow, time flies! We are celebrating by looking back at the 50 films we've officially covered on the show so far and their lasting impact on us. Listen in and help us close out our first season the way we do - by talking about movies!

Episode 027