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Episode 013

Coming of Age Dramas (LUCAS & WHITE WATER SUMMER)

Premiering 5/21/2019

Growing up can be hard and Matt and Ryan tackle this difficult subject with movies they grew up with that had characters they could relate to growing up themselves. Lucas takes us through what it was like being the odd guy out always wanting more, but having some strong support to lean on. White Water Summer takes Video CULTure not only through our first Kevin Bacon film, but through the tough tests we face on the path to maturity and it gets too confused as to whether it is a suspense film with comedy elements or vice versa.

Episode 014

Light-Hearted Law Enforcement (DRAGNET & ARMED AND DANGEROUS)

Premiering 6/4/2019

It's an "all-points bulletin" on hilarity on this week's episode as we look at police comedies! We take a look at the 1987 sequel/reboot of DRAGNET, starring Tom Hanks and Dan Akroyd... then we discuss ARMED & DANGEROUS, with Eugene Levy and the immortal John Candy. Ryan and Matt show a lot of love to Hanks and Candy, talk about the ability of good stunt work to elevate a movie, and they only mention the POLICE ACADEMY series a couple times! It's light-hearted law enforcement all this week

Episode 015


Premiering 6/18/2019

On this weeks episode, we are talking Kurt Russell movies! The two movies on the virtual video store shelf are the Hitchcock-ian thriller BREAKDOWN and the action-packed Bruckheimer-produced EXECUTIVE DECISION! Ryan gets the willies from BREAKDOWN, Matt fawns over Kurt, and they talk about the legendary surprise in EXECUTIVE DECISION involving Steven Seagal. You don't want to miss this one!