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Episode 009

Forgotten Harrison Ford films (Featuring WORKING GIRL & WITNESS)

Premiering 3/26/2019

Harrison Ford is an icon. He's Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, & Deckard. He's been in so many other successful films though that never get brought up in the current conversation. On this edition of 'Video CULTure', we look at two of those with the 80's romantic comedy 'Working Girl' and the unusual cop thriller 'Witness'! Ryan & Matt are dumbfounded by the giant hairstyles of the 1980s, Matt expresses his appreciation of the 'finger point', Ryan questions Melanie Griffith's acting ability, and more!

Episode 010

The 'Fletch' series (Featuring FLETCH & FLETCH LIVES)

Premiering 4/9/2019

We've made it to double digits! To celebrate, Ryan & Matt are joined by their trusty announcer (& resident Fletch expert) to discuss the Chevy Chase duology of 'Fletch' & 'Fletch Lives'! Is 'Fletch’ worthy of it's cult classic status? Is 'Fletch Lives' really THAT bad. The guys discuss all things Fletch-related (including the original source material) on this edition of 'Video CULTure'! ... And remember, it's all about ball bearings nowadays!

Episode 011

Sarcastic Queen of the 80’s Winona Ryder (Featuring MERMAIDS & HEATHERS)

Premiering 4/23/2019

It's all... "Very" on this week's episode as Ryan and Matt spotlight films featuring Winona Ryder! Listen in as the guy's discuss MERMAIDS and HEATHERS. There is much fawning over Winona Ryder but they also find time to marvel over the acting ability of a young Christina Ricci in her first role. Another main topic of discussion is how HEATHERS plays in 2019! Is it still funny? Does it feel too real in our modern day? Also, why is Christian Slater's voice so high? All the important questions will be answered! Okay... maybe not but it will be a lot of fun!