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Episode 007

Spy games turned real! (Featuring CLOAK & DAGGER and GOTCHA!)

Premiering 2/26/2019

We go full 80's gamer in this episode of 'Video CULture! Ryan & Matt check out the Anthony Edwards' paintball/Cold War thriller (yes really!) 'Gotcha! and the film that dared not only to make an Atari game a central plot point but also cast Dabney Coleman as a badass hero (yes really!) 'Cloak & Dagger'! Games turn deadly in these two 80's oddities. The guys talk about Atari, whether or not paintball is harassment, and the strangeness of the 'Double Dabney'. It's more fun than getting shot with a paintball!

Episode 008

Westerns (Featuring RIO BRAVO & DJANGO)

Premiering 3/12/2019

We hit the dusty trail in this edition of 'Video CULTure" as Ryan & Matt look at films set in the old West! Their double feature includes the classic John Wayne/Dean Martin vehicle 'Rio Bravo' & the blood soaked 'spaghetti western' Django! The guys break down the differences between these two vastly different examples of the genre and have a lengthy discussion that includes: Matt explaining the origins of the Spaghetti Western, Ryan marveling at the acting ability of Dean Martin, and speculating about Gary Cooper's reaction to 'Rio Bravo'. It's a rootin' tootin' good time! So, saddle up to your listening device of choice, partner and join us on the ride!

Episode 009

009 - Forgotten Harrison Ford films (Featuring WORKING GIRL & WITNESS)

Premiering 3/26/2019

Harrison Ford is an icon. He's Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, & Deckard. He's been in so many other successful films though that never get brought up in the current conversation. On this edition of 'Video CULTure', we look at two of those with the 80's romantic comedy 'Working Girl' and the unusual cop thriller 'Witness'! Ryan & Matt are dumbfounded by the giant hairstyles of the 1980s, Matt expresses his appreciation of the 'finger point', Ryan questions Melanie Griffith's acting ability, and more!