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Episode 011

Sarcastic Queen of the 80’s Winona Ryder (Featuring MERMAIDS & HEATHERS)

Premiering 4/23/2019

It’s all “Very…” on this week’s episode of Video CULTure as Ryan and Matt take a look at two films starring Winon Ryder films with Mermaids and Heathers. The guys of course heap tons of praise on Winona but they also marvel at the acting ability of a young Christina Ricci (in her very first role). The also talk about how Heathers plays through 2019 eyes. Is it still a darkly comic triumph or does it feel too real in the modern day? Also, why is Christian Slater’s voice so high in it? It’s a little bit serious and a little bit silly this week. You don’t want to miss it!

Episode 012

Detective Neo-Noir (Featuring DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS & THE LONG GOODBYE)

Premiering 5/7/2019

Put on your gumshoes as Ryan and Matt discuss two different neo-noir detective films with Devil in a Blue Dress and The Long Goodbye. One movie is a period film set in LA in the 40’s (starring Denzel!), and the other is an Robert Altman directed film from the 70’s with a more contemporary setting (and all-time great ending). Time to find out whodunnit on this week’s episode!

Episode 013

Coming of Age Dramas (LUCAS & WHITE WATER SUMMER)

Premiering 5/21/2019

Growing up can be hard and Matt and Ryan tackle this difficult subject with movies they grew up with with characters they could relate to growing up themselves. Lucas takes us through what it was like being the odd guy out always wanting more, but having some strong support to lean on. White Water Summer takes Video CULTure not only through our first Kevin Bacon film, but through the tough tests we face on the path to maturity and it gets too confused as to whether it is a suspense film with comedy elements or vice versa.